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Terms of Sale:

If paying via Make payment using PayPal,
you must also cover the fee that PayPal imposes on all transactions. For correct fee amount, please refer to: PayPal's Fees Page.

1. All items are guarantied genuine and as described, and are
    immediately available. Please allow 10 business days for delivery.

2. Items may be returned for any reason within 15 days.

3. Items are sold on a first come first served basis at the stated price.

4. All prices are in US$ (dollars).

5. Lots purchased and delivered in the State of New York are subject to
    8.65% sale tax.

6. POSTAGE fee (except books) for registered or insured mail:
    under $100 - $4. - insured mail;
    $101-$200 - $5. - insured mail;
    $201-$300 - $6. - insured mail;
    $301-$400 - $7. - insured mail;
    $401-$500 - $8. - insured mail;
    over $500 - $12. - registered insured mail;
    Canada - $10. for any order - registered mail.
    Other countries - $10. for any order - registered mail.
Books postage fee:
    Books rate (4th class) - $3. for the first book, $1. for each additional title.
    Insured (1st class) - $5. for the first book, $1. for each additional title.
Antiques postage fee: The actual postage, depending on the item.
Other countries: The actual postage. Please instruct us which way you prefer:
    either Surface Mail or Air Mail.

7. Please confirm the availability before sending payment. If ordering by mail,
    we strongly recommend alternative choices where possible. They will be
    used only if necessary.

8. Phone, Fax, Mail or E-mail orders are accepted.

9. All sales are for cash in US Dollars, drawn on US bank.
    Sorry, no Euro Checks. Credit Cards are accepted via PayPal only.
    Make payment using PayPal

10. Lay-a-way plans are available to established buyers.

11. For Mail-Bid Auctions' "Terms of Sale", which may sometimes differ
      from our regular policy, please use that Auction's catalogue.

12. If ordering by mail, please use this Order Form

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