DMITRY MARKOV Coins & Medals
October 23-24, 2001
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Dear Collectors and Friends,

            Welcome to our 10th Mail-bid auction. We hope you’ve had a good and rewarding summer. As you may have noticed, we didn’t have a Spring sale this year – Sorry about that. We were involved in writing projects and in the upcoming New York Sale, Auction IV – together with M&M and Baldwin’s, Dec. 6 – (our regular customers will also receive that catalog).

            This Auction #10 is large and replete with many important rarities, high-quality and good runs of coins. The Ancient Section has again burgeoned. Leading off the Greek section, and continuing the Kyzikos –Athenian League phoros research we presented in our last catalog, are 6 lots of Kyzikene Gold Staters. Included is one depicting the infants Herakles and Iphikles – one of this extensive series most interesting mythological types.  Then there  is an important offering of Pantikapaeum coins, highlighted by a unique Hextadrachm, a Gold Stater, an extremely rare Apollo-head Tetradrachm, and one of the finest known Tridrachms. A collection of some 150 Greek Tetradrachms covers a broad spectrum and features lovely coins such as a Very rare Ex-Pozzi collection Kamarina Tetradrachm signed by Exakestidas.

            The Roman section offers a good array in all three metals, including Civil War Silver coinage and a handsome trio – Aureus, Denarius, Sestertius – of Nero Claudius Drusus. This is followed by Byzantine, Georgian and Sassanian sections: the latter with an Extremely rare left-facing Khusrau I Drachm of Merv, Year 8. A nice Islamic selection includes Rare Fatimid Gold, and runs of Umayyad, Abbasid and Qarakhanid coins.

            Meanwhile, the European section features a good offering of Austrian 16th-18th Century Talers, pleasing German Silver and Gold, and many desirable Polish and Lithuanian coins.

            The Russian section is extensive, with a large run of Roubles including five portrait Roubles of Alexander I, a pleasing offering of Novodels, Feudal coinage, Jefimoks…. Rounding off the sale is a collection of 18th Century Russian Award and Historical medals, followed by Russian Icons.


We hope you enjoy our new catalog. Happy bidding.


 Dmitry Markov