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Dmitry Markov's interest in coin collecting goes back to 1972. In 1985 he graduated from the History Department of the Kiev State University (Ukraine) and received his M.A. for the thesis - "Monetary Circulation in Ancient Russia (8th to 13th cent. A.D.)". His broad interests in numismatics include Russia, Islamic Central Asia and Caucasus, as well as Ancient Coinage of the Northern Black Sea area. He published a number of articles in these fields.

After coming to the U.S. in 1990, Dmitry Markov founded "Dmitry Markov Coins & Medals" - a well known leading firm dealing with coinage. Dmitry Markov's continuos research on Russian, Ancient and Islamic coinage makes an invaluable addition to his very extensive auction catalogs. He had issued over 40 illustrated reference catalogues, as well as many other fixed price lists, since inception. Business is located in New York City area.

Dmitry Markov Coins & Medals is an elected member of the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN), the World's most honored numismatic association. Also a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) as well as many other trade and collectors associations.

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